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Post-Marine Corps

Alabama’s Premier Employer, Passionate about Empowering Transitioning Veterans and Military Professionals!

At Brett/Robinson, we are on a mission to bring together exceptional transitioning and civilian-experienced military veterans who are ready to embark on their next chapter. Located in Alabama, we offer unparalleled opportunities for veterans seeking fulfilling careers beyond the Marine Corps.

Joining our elite team of careers for veterans means unlocking a world of benefits and possibilities. At Brett/Robinson, we recognize the unique skills and dedication that veterans bring to the table. By leveraging your military experience, you’ll find a seamless transition into our dynamic work environment.

As part of our team of jobs for veterans, you’ll work alongside like-minded professionals who share a common bond of service, camaraderie, and a commitment to excellence.

Make a smooth transition into a rewarding civilian career with Brett/Robinson. Join us and experience the thrill of contributing to impactful projects, forging lasting connections, and making a difference in our community. Your future awaits at Brett/Robinson, where we honor your service and empower you to thrive beyond the Marine Corps.

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Our lead client representative to our condominium association boards of directors. This role works directly with boards on the day-to-day issues.

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A dynamic and highly driven individual to work alongside our Operations Officer in the development, implementation and administration of the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

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An individual adept at researching, designing, implementing, promoting and maintaining techniques and processes for improving business operations and increasing profitability.

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Get to know the Brett/Robinson Family

More than 50 years ago, brothers Tillis and Gene Brett and Tommy Robinson began laying the foundation of what would become Brett/Robinson through hard work, integrity, perseverance and faith.

Together, the Brett and Robinson families envisioned a Gulf Shores and Orange Beach that was more carefully constructed than before and that would better endure storms like 1979's Hurricane Frederick. Combining their strong work ethics with backgrounds in real estate sales and construction, they built what would become the standard for beachfront accommodations and amenities.
Years in Business
Our Area

Get to Know
Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores, Alabama offers a unique combination of breathtaking scenery, thriving industries, and a welcoming local community that make it an excellent place to build a fulfilling career and a happy life.

Less than 1hr from Pensacola, FL

Enjoy the best of both world's with the close proximity of Gulf Shores, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida.

Excellent School System

Providing students with the necessary resources and support to achieve academic success and develop essential skills, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

Coastal Lifestyle

Our location offers an idyllic coastal lifestyle, complete with beautiful beaches, diverse outdoor recreation, and a rich cultural scene.

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Current & Past Veterans
at Brett/Robinson

Pat Clay

USMC – Director of Facilities

I’ve been with Brett/Robinson for 20 years. From the beginning and for the entire time I’ve been with BR, I’ve felt like I belong to a family. The company truly operates in a way that employees are the most important part of the Brett/Robinson team. The reason is the overall company mentality with focus on the employee. They realize that a happy, well-trained, and equipped employee is the best approach to servicing customer needs.

Andrew Del Gaudio

USMC (Ret) – Room

Every Marine loves the teamwork of the Corps and their fellow Marines and it is always the first thing we miss when we leave the Corps. Brett Robinson is mission focused and people always. Leaders and team players up, your new mission awaits!